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    Raw Material   Preparation

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is produced by mixing pulverized fly ash, cement, gypsum, lime, water and a small quantity of aluminium powder, soluble oil, plastic squeeze.


    Batching Plant

Conecc’s fully automated batching plant enables accurate dosing, weighing and mixing of all the raw materials. The mixture is then poured into moulds, where chemical reactions cause it to rise like a cake.


AAC block cutting tool    Cutting

After the cake has attained sufficient strength, it is removed from the mould and cut with wires into blocks with precision accuracy.




After cutting, the AAC blocks are hardened by autoclaving in a saturated steam atmosphere at a temperature of approx. 180-190 degree C. It is this steam curing that creates the unique crystalline structure and lends AAC its excellent qualities in comparison to building materials that are not steam cured.


AAC packaging   Sorting / Packaging

After autoclaving, the blocks are packed and are then ready for dispatch to the construction site.


AAC Block recycle    Recycling

Our product waste is placed back into the production process making it a totally recyclable product.